From the President

Our institute was established as a research facility of attitudes and approaches toward health and illness. This is achieved through clinical medicine, global health and anthropology.

Have you ever been confused by differences in clinical fields or global cooperation caused by culture? We would like to promote better awareness of these differences, support efficient clinical treatment and global medicine by mutual understanding.

Diverse cultural backgrounds lead to various philosophies which in turn, influence our lifestyles. It is quite important to consider those philosophies as a basis of medical service. Medical services have a large impact on personal lives and government policies. Medical providers and policy makers must take great care when suggesting strategies for different patients and residents.

To understand patients and residents, we need a variety of individual and group views from both inside and outside of the culture. Our institute strives to provide such views of different cultures.

While providing medical services according to people’s own philosophies, we are learning many kinds of traditional medicine. It is known that in some fields, traditional medicine is based on a broader knowledge than western medicine. In addition, traditional medicine may reduce medical cost.

We hope our work will help people better understand one another.

Rei Kansaku
President of Institute for Multicultural Health

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